Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts June 21-23, 2013. Here are my seven encaustic paintings that will be in this show.

This encaustic painting is titled "Serene"  24"x24"

12"x12" encaustic.
18"x12" encaustic
16" x16" encaustic
6"x12" encaustic
6"x12" encaustic
6"x12" encaustic

Thursday, June 6, 2013

List of art events that I'm involved in this summer and fall.

My work at Mel's Frame Shop 1007 SW Morrison St. Portland OR June 4th-28th 2013

Work at Mel's Frame Shop

Packing up these encaustic pieces to take down to Mel's Frame Shop.

New encaustic piece.

This a overview of new commissioned encaustic piece.  28"x12"
Close up view.
Close up view of details.

Cap Art Auction 2013

This is my encaustic piece that sold at this years CAP Art Auction.

Friday, May 10, 2013

How I made this encaustic painting.

12" x12" encaustic painting.
 This block of encaustic is 13"x13"x 1.75". About 150 layers each layer brushed on and fused. Before I start to cut I warm it up using a heat lamp.
 First cut using a small loop tool. These tools are used for making dentures.
Next a hot putty knife.
Another hot putty knife.
 The tools.
 Clean up.
 By-product that I will use later.
 Close up after it is cleaned up.
Lay out on panel. The panel has 10 layers of encaustic on it. 
 Welding the color strip to the panel using a torch.
 Close up after the weld.
Build a dam around the panel using blue paint tape.
 Pour clear encautic medium over the whole panel.
One of the employees at Black Rabbit Studio taking an afternoon break.
 After the pour cools down I clean up the color strip use a pottery loop tool.
Close up.